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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 30, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the "news nation" is developing new news in the trayvon martin case. the mayor of sanford that he forced police to release the 911 call to the media. according to an interview with reuters, jeff triplett said he overruled police and prosecutors who did not want to make the calls public. he said the police department was taking a lot of heat and he wanted martin's parents to hear what happened. meantime, nbc news has analyzed the police surveillance videos from the night of trayvon martin's killing that they discovered george zimmerman arrived at the sanford police department 34 minutes after reports of shots fired were made. it was originally reported the video was taken four hours after
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the shooting. also today, another member of zimmerman's family is coming to his defense. it is his brother robert saying george was not patrolling his neighborhood. he claims that his brother was actually on his way to target. robert also said his brother would be dead if he did not act. >> george was out of breath. he was barely conscious. his last thing he remembers doing was moving his head from the concrete to the grass so that if he was banged one more time, he wouldn't be wearing diapers for the rest of his life and being spoonfed by his brother. and there would have been george dead. >> george zimmerman's attorney tells nbc news that zimmerman's brother is just seeking attention and he has not seen george in years. ron allen joins me live from sanford. we know that another rally is planned. reverend al sharpton is headed for sanford later today as well. what about this interview the mayor gave to reuters regarding
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the release of the 911 call? >> reporter: we haven't talked to him about that. it is interesting. the city manager here has authority over the police department. and the mayor is purely ceremonial. so maybe he convinced them with his moral authority to release the tapes. i'm not quite sure how that whole scenario went down. but i know there was a lot of pressure to have that made public. you see what it did. it certainly turned up the pressure on the police department. because the public was able to hear part of what happened. the videotapes that were released yesterday and the day before also did the same thing. it is about six minutes of material but it shows zimmerman just a few minutes, 34 minutes after the incident. and a lot of people at i don't see injuries. last night his brother, robert zimmerman said when he looked at the tapes, he saw a swollen nose. he also pointed out how the police were paying attention to the back of zimmerman's head at one point in the tapes.
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and he said most significantly, that the family has medical records that will prove and document zimmerman's injuries. and all that of course would be made public, or appear in a court if we ever get that far. and if those records exist, i'm sure the prosecutors looking at the case are analyzing them. >> again, despite what george zimmerman's brother said in that interview, we also know, ron, that the attorney for george zimmerman said his brother is just trying to get attention and the two have not spoken in years. how would he know any of the things that he said on television? >> well, the brother said last night that he's been in touch with his brother since 24 hours after the incident. why the attorney is saying one thing and the brother is saying another thing, that's between them. and listening to the interview very carefully, i didn't hear anything that suggested that he has not been in touch with his brother. for example, he was not saying anything that the family, the father, and others, the attorney and friends have been saying in other interviews. he was on message.
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and to some extent, it was somewhat odd to see him sitting there during this interview because he looks so much like his brother. i don't know the age difference. he is the oriole brother, robert. but again, and he gave a very dramatic account of what he says happened that night what his brother has told him. i think into the weekend, we have these demonstrations coming up. it will be interesting to see if the protesters who will be supporting trayvon martin's family, if they can get these big huge crowds out now. a week later, the zimmerman family is certainly pushing back hard about what happened that night. >> okay, live for us. he said zimmerman is the neighbor everyone would want to have. with me now, miami criminal defense attorney and form he u.s. attorney for the state of florida. kendall, thank you for joining us. i know ron allen just said the brother's interview and the discrepancy with george zimmerman's attorney would be between the two of them. i don't necessarily agree with
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that. why would george zimmerman's attorney say that his brother has not spoken with him in years, thus putting everything he said, including his account of what george told him, into great question. >> well, we don't know how this case may turn out someday in a court of law. but in a court of public opinion, george zimmerman is losing badly. and inconsistency is one of the worst mistakes you can make. so now we've got zimmerman's brother saying certain things. zimmerman's lawyers themselves. and remember, so much of a case, whether in a court of law or a public opinion will be believability and credibility. so all these inconsistencies are make us scratch our heads. it adds to that he did something terribly wrong and it could create evidence. if you're a prosecutor deciding what to do, maybe you want to go interview george zimmerman's brother. find out what he says george
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zimmerman said. because if you start to put more pieces together that show that george zimmerman is saying different things to different people, bit by bit, all of that can add up to somebody who looks like they've got something to hide. somebody who could be guilty. >> and kendall, talk to me a little about the mayor coming out in this interview again. this is with reuters. they quote him saying he did not want to hide anything. he actually had to go up against the police to release those 911 calls. >> yeah. and it makes you ask more questions about the police department. first of all, whether or not a mayor has direct authority, if he gets into the controversy and tells the police department to do something. odds are they're going to do it and there could be a lot of questions about why a politician was getting involved. why an elected politician is going out publicly in a manner which at this point, tamron, really needs to be handled by law enforcement. whatever it says or whatever it
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means, it strongly indicates this police department was not being as forthcoming as they should have been because why the heck does the mayor have to get into the act and be telling them to release documents in the first place? >> you're the form he u.s. attorney for the state of florida. the state where this is happening. what do you believe is taking place behind the scenes? what kind of information -- i know you know a lot of folks in that state and you're talking to a lot of people trying to glean what's going on. what are you being told? >> what i think law enforcement really trying to do is take a look at the evidence and not get distracted by all this. every time somebody pops up and says they have information. again, george zimmerman's brother. if i'm the special prosecutor, i think i have to interview this guy to find out what his brother george zimmerman told robert zimmerman. what he told robert zimmerman could be evidence, yet another lead. and by the way, george zimmerman is being inconsistent, we all
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know that inconsistencies can add up to guilt. the bottom line, they're trying to stay focus asked bring this to a proper conclusion and trying to fight off all these distractions. get to the right decision while recognizing that you have to look at every lead. under every rock, behind every blade of grass before you make a decision. because whatever happened the first time this indication was look at by the police and the state attorney, they want to get it right. they want whatever the decision is to be seen as a highly professional conclusion reached on an examination of the evidence. not in response to public outcry and certainly not in response to some of the defense orchestrations as they try to win their battle in the court of public opinion. >> and real quickly, regarding george zimmerman's attorney, the interviews, what we've heard him say about zimmerman's brother trying to get the media attention, would all of that have to go through his client? could he go on television or
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wherever else and print, and say these things without the blessing of george zimmerman who is in hiding? >> he should not say a word that his client doesn't authorize. not a single word. at this point the defense needs to really ratchet down. none of these distractions are helping the defense and none of them are increasing the likelihood that george zimmerman will avoid criminal charges. >> kendall coffey, thank you so much. we bring in pat brown. an investigative profiler. i want to talk about an interview on cnn. this anonymous witness has come forward. the person ask that their identity not be shown on television for obvious reasons. the tensions and people saying they fear for their lives and their own safety. let me play what this individual said happened after the shooting. >> then he was walking toward where i was watching. i could see him a little bit clearer. i could see that he was an
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hispanic man and he was, he didn't appear hurt or anything else. >> so you hear this anonymous witness saying that george zimmerman did not appear hurt or anything else. we're looking again at this surveillance video. we now know that this was a half-hour after the shooting, pat. not several hours. as some reports indicated. what do you make of these latest developments? >> i certainly don't see that he looks terribly hurt either. if he had somebody punch him in the nose, break his nose, usually blood associated with that. if your head is gashed in, blood pouring down the back of your head, it should be on his clothing. both sides. and your hands. the first thing you do when someone hits you in the face, you put your hand to your face, to the back of your head. that gets on your clothing. i look at zimmerman. i see none of that. nor do i see any distress, in the way he walks, that he's suffering any kind of pain. i'm having a hard time believing his story that he was brutally
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p pummeled. another one is the mortician who said he is preparing trayvon martin's body for burial. let me play what he said. >> i saw the evidence of the gunshot wound in the upper chest. i did not see any signs like he's been in a scuffle, a fist fight. >> and trayvon martin's autopsy has not been released. here we are at yet the end of another week. more questions than answers. we're waiting to see what this special prosecutor decides to do between now and when the grand jury convenes april 10th here. i read one article that said it was like everyone had become a csi investigator. that's really what the public is forced to do here with all of these bits and pieces. you're the real expert. what is some of the evidence we've heard that stands out most to you. >> well, the 911 call with george zimmerman, clearly
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defines what the police said to him. do not be an aggressor. this is a man carrying a weapon. and how do you know? i'm getting hate mails. i am pro carry. when you carry a weapon, it is your duty to avoid getting yourself into situations that could inflame. you keep away from it. so it is only ever used in pure self-defense. george zimmerman carrying a weapon on him, approaches a man who has done nothing criminally wrong at all. trayvon martin, even if he had a background. there were questionable items. even if there were that, he was doing nothing criminally wrong. he wasn't climbing in a window, he was not assaulting a woman. he is standing there. as he regular citizen. this man, george zimmerman, told the police about it. then he ignored the police and approached with a weapon. and got in a situation, almost premeditated. almost like he was trying to start something. to entice him into something. if that did happen, then he pulls out his gun and shoots
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him. i'm sorry but i'm having a bit of a problem with that and i think we would ratchet up the charges. unless zimmerman can come up with real good evidence that he didn't do that, i think he's in trouble. >> thank you very much. criminal profiler, we greatly appreciate your insight. coming up, i'll talk with toure. he will talk about why he believes this case is turning into a trial that's being conducted in the media. does that mean if zimmerman is ever actually charged cork the state's case be in jeopardy as a result of what is being talked about on television, on blogs, wherever else. plus, it is official. scott walker will face a recall election after 900,000 signatures are collected. here's the other talk of the day. a lighter note for sure. did you get your ticket yet? a record mega millions prize has swelled to an even bigger jack politics. last check, $640 million. join our conversation on twitter.
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the marches and rally calling for trayvon martin are not letting up. what is being called a hoodie march in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and the naacp is holding a march in front of the sanford police department tomorrow morning. joining me now, contributor toure. ron allen brought up in his live shot, it is not until april 10th that the grand jury will convene. there is a worry that this could die down in those days. >> i see the opposite happening. this is bubbling hotter and hotter. we have both seen black people's rage about this is only growing.
11:18 am
but the other side is being emboldened by the stories that are coming out that are trying to support george zimmerman. things like the robert zimmerman interview last night where he is allowed to say multiple prevarications unchecked, unchallenged, uncontested. things that are obviously made, clearly untrue by this videotape of george into the police department. clearly uninjured. there is no broken nose there. >> you're referring to robert zimmerman, for the folks who don't know, robert zimmerman is the brother of george zimmerman. he gave this interview saying he claims his brother told him. however, following the interview, the attorney for george zimmerman says the two have not spoken in years and that he was just trying to get on television. >> so there is that. that they haven't spoken in years. even if the story might be true, even if he got it from george. he is repeating george zimmerman's story. >> we think. again, the attorney representing george zimmerman said they have not spoken. and that is guy who is in contact with the china every
11:19 am
day. >> if george zimmerman himself is trying to say, we were in a fight. the person who walks into the sanford police department in that video clearly was not in a fight. he clearly did not get his nose broken. he did not have his head bashed against the concrete. we're spreading this as misinformation as people who want to believe george zimmerman for some reason or want to believe against trayvon for some reason are believing. and we're seeing more and more of them feel emboldened to challenge the narrative we're trying to assert. an unarmed innocent black boy was murdered. we're having this powder keg rise over this boiling pot, rise up. and it's getting meaner and meaner and more of a fevered pitch on both sides. i haven't seen anything like this in america in terms of a racialized battle start dividing line, since owning. that was a comedy compared to this. >> it is interesting. you say this. we both participated in the rock center special where we were asked our thoughts on racial profiling and life as an african-american. i never usually read anything
11:20 am
people say about me. that's just a good habit. i made that mistake and a couple people said, why are you whining? outside of wanting to say choice words. i was stymied in a way that anyone would see it as whining that you present what happens in your life. it is a fact of my life. i don't care if you believe it or not. it is a fact of my life. to indicate that we were whining for talking about race and the question of race in this case to be determined, hopefully in a court of law. and that is seen as whining. >> and also the idea, the fact that we are talking about race is forwarding racism. that is make have the racial divisions worse. we're not trying to race bait, whatever that means. we're talking about our lives and the difficulties that we have going through our lives and situations that are sort of a cousin or a molecule of trayvon martin went through. somebody targeting him. we go into a store. you know, those are related
11:21 am
incidents. no such thing as an isolated incident. >> you talk about how this is being played out in the media. the other interesting thing is for african-american journalists, the perception that because you are black, you are unable to be fair and look at both sides of the story. and there are two sides to this story. whether you accept one version or not. and you pointed out that the anger for african-americans boiling. i get tweets from white viewers, hispanic viewers all day long who are also outraged. the person who started this movement online was a white person. so the anger is on both sides. but to believe that you can't be fair because you are black. >> and that is a racist perception. obviously we can be fair. if the george zimmerman team was presenting a consistent case, as kendall coffey pointed out, they are not presenting it. then maybe we would have more of an argument. we need more he can wantiment. they are not presenting a credible case. ooze especially when you see george zimmerman walking into
11:22 am
the police department clearly uninjured. clearly unbloodied. how can we believe that he was in a fight? >> his attorney says that video is not clear. he says it is grainy. many have pointed out, which we see on tape, the officer looking at the back of george zimmerman's head there. but what we also know is, if nothing else, this entire situation was botched and the question is why was it handled in this way. >> it is dangerous for america, the way we're doing this as a trial in the media with the whole nation as the jury, and sort of having this evidence come up piece by piece. >> that would be the fault of the police department and the investigators. these were why these leaks have happened. including the leak about trayvon being suspended. that was a leak from a source within the police department which adds to the fuel. >> irrelevant information. >> still ahead, republicans in wisconsin will vote in the state's gop primary tuesday. the real interest is in the recall election of governor scott walker. details on how the primary is being upstaged by that recall.
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can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions developing news out of vermont. we want to take you to where president obama is speaking. he is in vermont. this is the first sitting president to visit that state since clinton in 1995.
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he is at the university of vermont. let's listen in. >> it is good to be at uvm. it is good to be in vermont. now, out of all 50 states, vermont has gone the longest without a presidential visit. the last time a president stopped by was president clinton in 1995. so we decided that today, we are going to reset the clock. a couple acknowledgements. give jeanie a big round of applause for the introduction.
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you've got one of the best governors in the country. when flooding came and disaster struck, he was here every single day working on your behalf, and we couldn't be prouder of him. we've got two outstanding senators, peter leahy and bernie sanders. you've got an outstanding mayor-elect. give it up. i also want to thank carolyn dwyer and the entire host
11:27 am
committee for helping to organize this unbelievable event. and one last thing i want to do. i want to express my condolences to everybody who knew and loved melissa jenkins. i know that some of the elected officials are going on to that funeral. there is a woman by all accounts who devoted her life to her community and helping to shape young minds. and i know that vermont is heart broken. so all we can do is live our lives in a way that pays tribute to hers by looking out for her students and her son. and michelle and i want to express our thoughts and prayers to everybody who knew her. i know that's a tough situation. now, i'm here -- [ cheers and applause ]
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you know -- you know, maybe i should just quit while i'm ahead here. i'm going to take off my jacket. it's a little warm. i'm here not just because i need your help. i'm here because the country needs your help. there are a lot of reasons why so many of you work your hearts out for our campaign in 2008. it wasn't because it was going to be easy. it wasn't because it was a sure thing. when you decided to support a candidate named barack hussein obama, that's not a guarantee of success. you didn't need a poll to know
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that there may be some heavy sledding there. the point is you didn't join the campaign because of me. you joined it because we had a shared vision for america. it wasn't a vision where everybody is left to fend for themselves. it wasn't a vision where the rules are made just for the powerful. it was a vision of an america where everybody who works hard has a chance to get ahead. everybody. that's the vision that we shared. that's the change that we believed in. and we knew it wasn't going to come easy. we knew it wouldn't come quickly. but we had confidence. we had faith in each other.
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we believed that when americans make commitments to each other about a bold, generous vision for the country, that we can achieve it. there's no challenge we can't overcome. and here's what i want to report. that in three years, because of what so many of you did in 2008, we've begun to see what change looks like. we've begun to see what change looks like. change is the first bill i signed into law. a law that says women deserve an equal day's pay for an equal day's work. i want our daughters treated just like our sons. change is a decision we made to rescue an auto industry on the verge of collapse.
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even when some said, let's let detroit go bankrupt. 1 million jobs were at stake. so we were not going to let that happen. and today, gm is back on top as the world's number one automaker, reported the highest profits in 100 years. 200,000 new jobs over the last two and a half years. the american auto industry is back and it's making cars that are more fuel efficient. so that's helping the environment even as we're putting people to work. change a decision we made to stop waiting for congress to do something about our oil addiction. that's why we finally raised our fuel efficiency standards. by the middle of the next decade, we will be driving american-made cars that get almost 55 miles to the gallon.
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already 2.5 million young people now have health insurance that they didn't have before because this plan lets them stay on their parents' health plan. already, millions of seniors are paying less for their prescription drugs because of this law. already, americans can't be denied or dropped by their insurance company when they need care the most. already, they're getting preventive care that they didn't have before. that's happening right now. changes the fact that for the first time in history, you don't have to hide hue love in order to serve the country you love. we ended don't ask don't tell.
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changes the fact that for the first time in nine years, there are no americans fighting in iraq. we refocused on the terrorist who's actually attacked us on 9/11. and thanks to the brave men and women in uniform, al qaeda is weaker than it has ever been. osama bin laden is no more. we've begun to transition in afghanistan to put them in the lead and start bringing our troops home from afghanistan. that's what change is. none of this has been easy. we've had a little resistance from the other side. we've got more work to do.
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there are still too many americans who are out there looking for work. there are still too many families who can barely afford to pay the bills or make the mortgage. we're still recovering from the worst economic storm in generations. love you back. but -- but -- but over the past two years, over the past two years, businesses have added nearly 4 million new jobs. our manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the 1990s. our economy is getting stronger, the recovery is accelerating. all of which means the last thing we can afford to do is to go back to the same policy that's got us into the mess in the first place. >> again, this is president obama in obama. the first sitting president to visit that state since 1995. turning to politics of wisconsin
11:36 am
as the president is in vermont, it seem the republican presidential contest is taking a back seat to the recall election of scott walker, the governor of that state. look at this new nbc news marrist poll. more than half the voters are more interested in the recall election. only 37% are more closely watching the gop race. let me bring in our "news nation" panel. we mentioned the president is at the university of vermont there. we heard him give the laundry list of the accomplishments of his administration there. as we continue to keep an eye on that event, i wanted to show you this new marrist poll pole. it shows the president defeating romney 52-35. what do you make of these numbers? >> wisconsin has been democratically leaning so it is
11:37 am
not surprising it might start out this time. there has been at love partisan politics. it it is interesting to see the president would have a lead there. look, romney and santorum will both get a chance to own the state over the next couple days. i think that has been both good and bad for republicans in a lot of these swing states when they've campaigned. they've been in ohio and michigan. and it gives votearies chance to see them. they get to run the field when that primary happens. whether those messages that they're debating will resonate or not, look at those numbers. you have to ask. we'll find out for sure in a few more months. >> it is interesting. this poll shows that in wisconsin, more republicans are interested in the recall of scott walker than they are with the primary where mitt romney has a nice little lead over santorum right now. what do you make of that? >> i think there's been so much attention paid to governor walker and i mean, think about it. last year was not exactly his
11:38 am
best year despite getting elected. >> i think he would agree with you. >> absolutely. but his number, he is at 48-48 for re-elect. i think there is a bigger number here. if you dive into the nbc marist poll. 52% think the worst is behind us i.e. the economy. unemployment is below 7% in the state. it is really good, or at least most of the country. the other thing that is very important is the gender gap. that's a 25% differential between romney and the president. if women are out there in force voting. these women are teachers, they're nurses, et cetera, et cetera. that is going to be in my opinion, very, very bad for republicans in the fall. that's seven months away. a lot can change. and don't forget that barack obama almost won with 60% in that state. >> but we know again, the dynamics of the state,
11:39 am
certainly, and this heated rhetoric. there was a reference to scott walker being the most polarizing or divisive governor someone said, ever. another person said in recent memory. we can go back and forth on that. nevertheless, a lot of eyes outside of wisconsin are looking in to see what that. even scott walker when he's made the rounds on fox news and other conservative outlets, he has pointed out that all of these outside voices have come in, he says, to get him. >> well, sure. there is been a lot of outside attention. you can say he brought it on himself, perhaps. there is been a lot of outside attention that has come into the state. it will come in in the next couple days. in another circumstance, the governor, that could be something they would want. in this case you've seen both bases nationwide. both the republican base that opposes what he's been doing and the labor unions on the other side, really mobilized by this. i think we've seen a pretty big change dynamic cynic 2010 when
11:40 am
it all first began. >> and jimmy, two endorsements we've been about for mitt romney. he will be with paul ryan today. we know what happened with the former president, georgia h.w. bush. he references one of my favorite country singers of all time, kenny rogers, the gambler. let me play the former president. >> i do think a party to get behind governor romney and she was reminding me, kenny rogers singing, time when to hold them, time when to fold them. i think it is time for people to all get behind this good man. >> as in people, he means rick santorum. because gingrich is pretty much done. >> i think we are seeing a major coalescing. i'm not sure that's a word, around team romney and the
11:41 am
candidate. if romney limps out of wisconsin with only a four or five-point lead, and that poll only has him up by seven or eight, right? so if he only limps out of wisconsin with another win, a win is a win but not a solid 10-point, 11-point win, is he going to be the nominee? yes. will there be more endorsements like the paul ryans of the world, that ones that actually matter? yes. i think the conservative base is not fired up about the guy. i think jimmy is great and he's a visionary. we can all see that. there is nothing new here. that the conservative base in that party is not, quote, crazy about mitt romney. whether he limps in. he scoots in order gets it by a nose. his goal is to get that nomination. and it appears after tuesday.
11:42 am
>> he appears to be on track. they've been talking about math the last couple weeks. how exciting is that? let's not forget that tuesday isn't just wisconsin. it is also d.c. and maryland. and i expect when you add the three of them up, you're going to see he has won the night pretty handily. then you look to the next set of races on the 24th and they are also in the northeast. this is a region that romney is expected to do very well in. his kinds of republicans. i think you have to look to may that santorum is expected to do well in or win outright, you will have a lot of people saying it is romney's and that will be tough to overcome. >> have a great weekend. just a short time ago, far from politics. something that makes us happy around here. the mega million jackpot, get this. this is the latest number. $640 million. millions of americans across this great country are snatching up lottery tickets hoping for a
11:43 am
piece of the action. we asked ticket holders what they would do with all that cash. >> i would quit this job. >> some health insurance. >> we had a customer that bought 200 tickets. just one customer. >> we always joke about winning and out of our office. >> gabe gutierrez joins me now. he is at a gift shop that sells lottery tickets. the gift that keeps on giving. a nice lottery ticket would make a heck of a gift. how is he going there? >> it's going great. i can save everybody the trouble. don't buy any more lottery tickets. there is no reason for it. guess what, i have the winning ticket right here. bought it a short time ago. the record jackpot is up to $640 million. and the winner could choose to take that in a lump sum. $462 million. now, the drawing will happen tonight at 11:00 on the east coast. and as you mentioned, we've been seeing long lines all over the
11:44 am
country. here in new jersey alone, 6 million tickets were sold just yesterday. the odds in winning are 1 in 176 million. and if no one picks the winning numbers tonight, lottery organizers are actually considering moving the next drawing from atlanta to times square. and that next drawing could be around $975 million. but customers we spoke with today said they don't think it will happen. and remember, i have the winning ticket so it won't happen. the winning number will be chosen tonight hopefully. >> and i wish did have the ticket but my team, we all went into a company pool so we will not be seeing you on monday. thank you. my pleasure. >> nice to talk to you. thousands of credit card holders could be at risk right now after a possible breach of security. mastercard and visa say law enforcement officials are investigating the possible theft of customers' account information. the companies are urging people to contact the bank that issued
11:45 am
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delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. coming up at the top of the hour, everyone has lotto fever. mitt romney and rick santorum, no exception. will they find their golden ticket? plus, the man they want to beat, president obama, in a new england state of mind. and my good friend and colleague rachel maddow will join us. now back to tamron who has the winning ticket. a global call for justice for trayvon martin. more than 2 million people from around the world have signed their names, demanding george zimmerman be arrested for killing the 17-year-old. the petition drive was launched two week after the shooting and continues to grow every second. joining us now, the man who sparked the massive online protest. kevin, thank you so much for
11:49 am
your time. you graduated from howard university back in 2009. as i understand it, you started your petition march 8th. what was that point in your life where this became big enough that you wanted to put all of your time and your energy to bringing this story to light in a way that the main stream media was not doing? >> well, i originally heard about the situation on a list serve. somebody sent a link to a report. it was covering the first press conference the family had. upon reading it, i became inflamed instantly. and decided that i wanted to do something about it. it just so happens that looking into social media a lot is something that i fell in love with after following the egyptian revolution closely and the arab spring in general. and i saw this case and i thought that this could be our
11:50 am
moment. and take the tragedy of one person but hopefully be able to use it to illustrate that there are a lot of structural problems in our system that need to be addressed. that this case could be emblematic of that. and hopefully able to garn he enough attention to get people to think about this kind of thing. >> in one of your interviews, you said what i've learned through social media is that you don't have to go through institutions nil. any individual with an idea can make it work if they have a connection to the internet. >> yeah. that's very liberating. for me, for lots of reasons, i've had a lot of problems fitting into institutions. i like to do my own thing. when i think i'm right, i tend to stick by that. so it was an opportunity to reach out and have an impact without getting permission from anyone else. >> obviously you know the issue
11:51 am
of race in this case. and earlier i was talking to toure. i'm sure you know him. so much of the anger is coming from african-americans. people look up athreat screen. they see that you are not african-american unless you tell me otherwise. but you've had a passion for this because you believe as trayvon martin's mother indicated, this was about right and wrong. that's what she said here at that million hoodie march in new york. >> absolutely. that it before. as a person, i don't believe in black and white. i think that they're arbitrary constructions, social constructions that divide us from each other. i don't choose to participate in them. i look at trayvon as a member of my extended family and his family as members of my extended family just as i would look at anybody else. it boggles my mind that people think white people shnlt care about this. yes, technically. part of the problem with the justice system is it is institutionally racist. and this is one of the manifestations of that.
11:52 am
there are lots of others that particularly affect black people but not only does it faekt black people. myself, i was assaulted by a police officer in 1992 with handcuffs on. and it was a black police officer who did it. the system went right along with him and persecuting me. so the problems with the justice system transcend race but there is no way to divorce them from race. i think the historical origins of what we see, you can track it all the way back to the post civil war period and the black codes. and to the future with the drug war where there is been a criminalization of youth, and in particular, black and brown youth. >> kevin, i'm obviously sure that the martin family and all of those who are supporting this effort appreciate the fact that it was you who went online and you are the one who is credited with really pushing this to the level that it needed to be. thank you so much. greatly appreciate your time. i wish you the best of luck.
11:53 am
>> thank you for having me. our "news nation" gut check is up next. [ groans ] [ marge ] psst.
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time now for the "news nation" gut check. we've got an update on the story that grabbed international headlines more than ten years ago. back in 2002, andrea yates was convicted of drowning all five of her children in a bathtub. since then, she has been in a psychiatric hospital in her home state of texas. now her attorneys are asking a judge for andrea yates to be allowed to leave that hospital two hours a week to attend church. it is important to note that she was arrested, yates claimed, it was god who told her to kill her own children. so what does your gut tell you? should the court grant andrea yates the request she has put in to attend church. go to"news
11:57 am
nation." let us know what you think on this story. we hope you have a great weekend. on a lighter note, i hope you get your mega ball power -- what is it? i don't know. i just know i'm winning it. that does it for this edition of "news nation." up next, my buddy. named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine top safety picks like the passat and jetta. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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